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Agua de Olivo

Since ancient times

Olive leaves have been used as a natural remedy. In ancient Egypt, the olive leaf was a divine symbol, as well as a popular remedy to fight diseases.

The introduction of olive culture went hand in hand with the expansion of Mediterranean civilizations, and the olive tree has been used as a natural remedy in Mediterranean and European cultures.


¿What is Agua de Olivo®?

Agua de Olivo® is a dietary supplement made from olive leaf extracts that have been organically farmed, including Stevia as a natural sweetener, also organically grown, naturally extracted and processed.


Agua de Olivo® is a hydrating and refreshing drink with a very low calorie count and greater antioxidant properties than olive oil without oil fats.

From the Heart of the Olive Tree, 100% handmade

Agua de Olivo® is carefully made using an entirely manual extraction process and is presented as a herbal tea. Our olive leaves are collected at the Sierra Sur de Jaén region, Andalusia (Spain) in the municipalities of Alcaudete and Matos,  cradle of the olive grove, where sun and nature have been part of the culture since the beginning of time and olive farming is a family tradition.


Benefits of Agua de Olivo® consumption

The polyphenols included in this product have an antioxidant effect, ensure a protective effect on the human body, an antioxidant action, and help prevent oxidative tissue damage.

Olive polyphenols have an antioxidant activity that can help protect LDL cholesterol and lipid oxidation.

It also helps to clean free radicals in cells, helps protect against damage caused by free radicals induced by pollution. Nowadays this is a seriously hazardous factor endangering human health, especially in large cities.

All these benefits are recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Your relaxing moment and mediterranean flavor every day

To enjoy all these benefits, take a relaxing moment out of your busy day and take a break enjoying the Mediterranean flavor. Taking a bottle of Agua de Olivo® daily can not only be a way to take care of yourself slowing down aging, but also to give you a moment of peace and the pleasure of having a tasty healthy olive leaves herbal tea


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